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BURGEON-UP hair care innovation from Japan

BURGEON-UP International award-winning extract. Is an extract obtained from Stir-fried water salad. or Watercress (Watercress, Nasturtium Officinale) grown in Japan Has the ability to help hair growth. Accelerate the regeneration of new hair and Extends the life of your hair Supplements with minerals and vitamins to strengthen hair

by BURGEON-UP Will help tissue regeneration "R-Spondin 1" Acts to help repair and regenerate tissue. Contains important proteins for growth and accelerates the regeneration of new hair. This is important in making thick hair that doesn't come off easily.

BURGEON-UP Stimulates the production of protein R-Spondin 1, thereby accelerating new hair growth. And prolong the life of the original hair by inhibiting the function of DKK-1 and IL-6 caused by testosterone. Causes of hair loss and baldness

BURGEON-UP promotes the secretion of R-spondin 1 to stimulate hair growth while preventing testosterone-induced hair loss. It can also help treat hair loss in women as well.

Awarded internationally in the finalist round. In the Best Extract Award in-cosmetics Asia 2019 in the category of Innovation award actives

second prize of the BSB Innovation Award 2020 in the category "scalp, hair, moisture, tan" natural products. and raw materials


Which LOLIGENE Revival Anti-Aging Hair Serum, hair and scalp care products. Combined with award-winning extracts from the international stage, including BURGEON-UP, AnaGain, Greyverse Peptide and many other extracts such as ginseng, Lingzhi mushrooms, etc., in order to get results in solving thin hair problems and hair loss, helping to make thick, long, fast hair and slow down gray hair

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