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How to take care of mothers with postpartum hair loss?

Symptoms of hair loss after childbirth. Caused by changes in the hormone estrogen (Estrogen) or female hormones. Which the body can produce by itself from the ovary, which is responsible for controlling the reproductive system within the body

By decreasing during pregnancy, the body produces estrogen hormones. Which this estrogen hormone has the effect of helping hair not fall easily Therefore, when the baby is born therefore clearly showing more hair loss than before which such condition will gradually Normally improves within 3-6 months, with normal conditions found to lose no more than 100 hairs per day.

Even though the cause is from hormones. But taking hormones must be closely consulted with a doctor. and there may also be side effects from the use of hormones, therefore should not be purchased for own consumption


Troubleshooting hair loss caused by changes in hormonal levels today. There are many ways

1. Choosing the right food. It should contain vitamin B12 and biotin, such as those found in fish, eggs and vitamin C, vitamin A that is found in fruits and vegetables. If there is not enough in the food we eat May be supplemented with supplemental intake of these essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Get enough rest. Although being a mother after giving birth can be difficult to rest. But sleep has great benefits. SleepSleep is also important to rehabilitationfunctioningof the body, chemicalinbody, neurotransmitters to achieve a normal balance.

3. Use hair care products. That helps reduce hair loss that works well. You should choose a shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum that is research-backed. and does not contain harmful chemicals or substances that may cause irritation such as Loligene

Loligene Revival Anti-Aging Hair Serum

Hair serum that we are proud of. and satisfaction guaranteed that contains extracts that have received 2 world-class awards

And also add extracts that have research support. Many others, ginseng, Lingzhi mushrooms, apples, etc.

Reduces hair loss urgently, accelerates long hair, makes hair thicker, and slows down gray hair


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